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Size Chart

 Unisex T-Shirts

Size Chest cm Length cm
XS  74-80  66-68
S  84-90  68-70
M  94-100  72-75
L  104-110  75-77
XL  114-120  78-80
XXL  124-130  81-84



1) Ideal washing in cold water , inside out avoid excessive heat as this will cause

sever shrinkage and will destroy your garment.

2) For long life  Iron on back of print , never on the design itself.

3) Although our T-shirts are treated against shrinkage with

the best technologies that the industry offers , we must say that All

cotton shrinks up to one size down .Please allow for shrinkage when ordering.

4) DO NOT USE Bleach.This will destroy your design.

5) Due to the nature of the garment , slight variations on sizes is possible.However

this is taken care of during manufacturing so that our customers are happy

and satisfied with the product.





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