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Silver Jewelry


                               Silver Egyptian Jewelry 


 Nomad Gallery collection of silver Egyptian Jewelry  include necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, Anklets and

a large collection of vintage and ethnic Jewelry items in plain silver or mixed with gem stones.

We are also able to accomodate special requests at no extra cost. If you like any piece that was sold,

do let us know ! Perhaps we have the right components to remake it  or make something in the same spirit.

We can also keep an eye for you on disappearing antique items. We do come across special pieces from time to time.

Browse our collection and you will not be dissapointed.

Egypt has a centuries-old tradition of silver-smithing and many of the skillful arts and techniques used today have been

handed down through generations . 

Location: /Silver Jewelry


Anklets (43)
Bracelets (241)
Earrings (409)
Necklaces (225)
Pendants (77)
Rings (33)
Scarf Pins
Scarf Pins (43)
Belts (4)

There are no products in this category.
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