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Egyptian Cotton Shawls

 High quality extremely soft and hand loomed Egyptian cotton shawls.Available in many width,length and colors.

Loomed by our local workers in Upper Egypt. We are grateful for your purchases as they support poor Christian and Muslim families

in South of  Egypt.

Available for Whole Sale.

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Egyptian Cotton Shawls Products

Image Name Price  
44042 44042
 Cotton shawls. Assorted colors only. No gurantee of repeated colors.
44180 44180
 El Abrouk El Liby is a traditional libyan shawls that comes in several designs. It is unfortunately extinct at the…
44008 44008
 Egyptian cotton shawls.Hand loomed . Extremely soft . Approx width:45Cm , Aprrox Length: 180-200Cm    …
44020-2 44020-2
  100% thick and soft Egyptian Cotton Shawl . Hand loomed by our Artisans from Upper Egypt's  Villages. &…
44020-4 44020-4
 Cotton Shawl . Hand loomed by our Artisans from Upper Egypt Villages.  
44020-3 44020-3
 Stripped Egyptian Cotton shawls . Hand loomed by our artisans in South Egypt villages.  
44003 44003
 Egyptian cotton shawls , hand loomed by our Artisan families in upper Egypt villages .  Sold in mixed assortm…
44042 44042
Hand loomed Egyptian Cotton shawls . 60Cm approx Width. Available in variety of colors. Available in plain and stripes.…
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