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Only: $425.00
Product Code: 480Q14
In Stock: 79

Weight Grams: 16000
Length/Height Cm : 280 - 330(10.8Ft)
Width/Circumference Cm : 180- 230 (7.2Ft)
Properties: Camel & Goat Wool

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 Bedouin carpets are made from naturally dyed sheep wool . They vary in sizes and  colors. The background is traditionally red or cream.Because colors are done of natural dyes in a Bedouin environment They do run .

Therefore, carpets should never be washed.

Bedouin carpets can be used in many ways. Nomad Gallery provides many Bedouin products that varies from Carpets , runners , wall hanging ,cushion covers, floor leather ( and faux leather ) seats with carpet top and even bed hanging decorations.

Please email Nomad Gallery for your exact requirement and sizes.We will be happy to provide you with any further details including matching your color requirement , sizes and provide you with photos of current stock.

We can meet your budget as prices vary a lot according to design and quality.

Please review our sold collections of this size by pressing on the gallery main photo.

Photos courtesy of Jano Couacaud ©


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