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Only: $304.00
Product Code: 460F28
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Weight Grams: 950
Length/Height Cm : 132
Width/Circumference Cm :
Properties: Blend

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 Siwa Oasis black embroidered dress

 Black dress from Siwa Oasis worn by married women . Siwa is an Oasis located between Quattara Depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea near Libya.Siwa is very isolated settlement mostly with Berber Origin.They speak their own Siwi language derived from Berber origin as well asArabic.This white dress is worn by the bride during wedding ceremony. Bridal dresses are handmade in Siwa with high quality Egyptian Malas Fabric, cotton threads and many Mother of Pearl buttons. The Malas fabric is malleable, light, soft and shiny . The sleeves are wide and long.The embroidery on the  Dress is handmade with patience and care by women from the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. The embroidered traditional symbols are traditional Siwan designs for centuriesز

Size : One size - Loose fit

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