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Glass Ornaments

Mouth Blown Egyptian Glass Ornaments - Mouth Blown Christmas Glass Ornaments

Glass-making technology initially began in Egypt with the manufacture of small beads in the pre-dynastic pharoanic era. The technology was a result of firing clay pots. The sand and slag utilized in making clay pots melted together to make glass. Early examples of glass manufacture were in the form of beads made from the glass nuggets. Today, Egyptian manufacturers produce beautifully decorated items varying from Glass ball for Christmas tree decorations to Perfume bottles that Queen Celeopatra used to have.Average weight for each ball varies from design to another . The range is from 36-150 grams.Approx diameter varies fro 6.5 to 18 cm. A large collection of Glass balls , Candle holders , perfume bottles and animal figurines are available .

Many glorious hand-created designs, variations and sizes available for customers to choose from. Qty discount available for wholesalers or larger purchases.

Please contact customerservice@nomadgallery.net for your wholesale orders

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