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                                      Egyptian Wholesale Crafts 

 At Nomad we pride ourselves on quality, attention to detail and a strong attachment to Egypt’s rich cultural heritage. Our range includes design-led items which we produce in our dedicated Cairo workshop and more traditional products handcrafted by artisans around the country. We use form, function and fabric in a unique way, creating a fusion of the traditional and the contemporary.  We welcome special retail and wholesale orders and will be pleased to discuss your requirements. Our specialities are Egyptian traditional crafts , Silver Egyptian Jewelry, Bedouin Carpets, Egyptian Cotton shawls and throws.


Wholesale customers from countries within the European Union are entitled to preferential import duties (usually zero-rated) upon obtaining an EUR-1 Certificate. This can be arranged by the shipping company or by contacting 


Wholesale customers from the United States may be able to take advantage of the General Preference System (GPS) which exempts certain handloomed and folkloric textile products from import duty.



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