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Blank T-Shirts


Plain Egyptian 100% naturally soft cotton  t-shirt . For wholesalers or large orders.Samples available at cost plus postage.

We have Cotton/Lycra crew neck for shape and durability.

Available  standard colors : White , Black , Navy .  Label free or use our label ( S A H A R A )  , (ON SAFARI ) or ( N O M A D )

Will keep you posted on our new T-shirt web store. 

No minimum for blank white or black colors. 


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Blank T-Shirts Products

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5025 5025
 100%  Egyptian cotton naturally soft   t-shirt . wholesalers or large orders.Samples available at cost p…
P.M. Sample Order P.M. Sample Order
 100% Egyptian cotton crew neck t-shirt samples private order 30/1 combed cotton yarn Short Sleeves.No label . Di…
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