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Traditional Pendants

 This collection is based on Post-Pharaonic Era. The designs are inspired by old traditions and heritage. Some Designs go back to 18 and 19 Century traditions in Middle East and Africa.

All items are stamped by Egyptian Hallmark.

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Traditional Pendants Products

Image Name Price  
34101 34101
 Traditional protective hand  from the envious or evil known as "Khamsa" ,  "Hand of Fatim…
34297 34297
 Silver hand known as Khamsa ( In Arabic ) . The hand is a sign of protection in many societies. A protection agai…
34202 34202
 Silver pendant inspired by very old ME design.
34294 34294
 Large Silver Tuareg cross from Niger . 
34265 34265
 Silver Salhat from Siwa Oasis, also known as Hawafer and Helal . Traditionaly available in Tunisia, Libya and Siw…
34063 34063
  Silver cross inspired by Ethiopian vintage cross collections in Nomad.
34007 34007
Islamic silver pendant with Qur'an inscriptions. Widely worm in Middle East as good luck protection against evil Ex…
34010 34010
Silver Tuareg design Cross. 
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