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Pharaonic Pendants

Pharaonic silver pendants. Made with Egyptian silver. All pendants are stamped with Egyptian  800 Hallmark.

Sterling silver also available at 20% extra cost.

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Pharaonic Pendants Products

Image Name Price  
34170 34170
 Silver Lotus design.
34330 34330
Silver Cartouche Nomad gallery customized Silver Cartouche with filigrie edge and dark grey background . Please u…
555 Special order for Mr. Erianto 555 Special order for Mr. Erianto
 Order consists of: - Three silver Key of Life - Five silver Cartouche As per customer request in emails.  …
34177 34177
 Sliver Pharaonic Nefertiti pendant.
34183 34183
 Silver Nefertiti head pendant.
34175 34175
 Silver Pharaonic Key of Life with Scarab in center.
34184 34184
 The Eye of Horus later known as Eye of Ra . It is an Ancient Egyptian symbol of protection from and Royal power fr…
34180 34180
 Key of life silver pendant.
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