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Sinai embroidered shawls

 Sinai Bedouin Shawls 

Egypt traditional embroidered shawls from Sinai . Produced by our artisan girls and women in North Sinai town ( Alareesh).

Shawls available in many background colors and traditional motifs that are carried out from generation to generation.

Sales of such items helps many families in that low income area.

In the photo below is a typical Bedouin woman from early 1900's .Embroidery and weaving were taught from mother to daughter.



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Sinai embroidered shawls Products

Image Name Price  
44035 44035
 Sinai Embroidered shawl. Triangle shape.
44038-4 44038-4
 North Sinai embroidered cotton shawl. It comes with three traditional alternatives of embroidery possibilities : …
44035 44035
  Sinai Embroidered shawl. Triangle shape.
44063 44063
 Embroidered Sinai Bedouin shawl.
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