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Bedouin Carpets

Bedouin Carpets, Kilim, Runners, Rugs 


Nomad Gallery provides a source of income for Bedouin women of Sinai peninsula in Egypt . The tradition of making Bedouin carpets , tent hanging decorative pieces and embroidered work on dresses and cushion covers have been going on for generations and is handed over from mother to daughter. With the help of our artisans, Nomad produces unique amazing bedouin carpets of many sizes.

Bedouin carpets are made from naturally dyed Sheep and Camel wool . They vary in sizes and colors. The background is traditionally red or cream.Because colors are made of natural dyes in a Bedouin environment -They do run . Therefore, carpets should never be washed.

Bedouin carpets can be used in many ways. On the floor, hung on the wall or even to cover a surface at home.Nomad Gallery has many Bedouin products that varies from Carpets , runners , wall hanging , cushion covers and stools, and even floor leather seats with wool runners on top .

Please email Nomad Gallery for your exact requirement and sizes.We will be happy to provide you with any further details.The approximate sizes of Nomad Bedouin carpets are usually in this range :

Large :  Average size :320-350 cm x 200 - 220 cm                 Average price : $ 300 - 550

Med   :   Average size 320 cm x 110cm                                   Average price : $ 175 - 280

Runners : Average size 300 Cm x  50Cm                               Average price : $ 90 -  180

Rectangular : Average size 150 Cm X 100 Cm                       Average price : $ 95 - 160

Also available some unique rare one of a kind vintage designs that starts from  $ 550 - $800 

Special orders and sizes are possible with lead time of up to 70 days.

We have one of the best collection of Bedouin carpets, kilim, rugs and runners in Egypt

Contact us with your prefered color direction and size suitable for your lovely home.

email: customerservice@nomadgallery.net    and or  nomadgallery@live.com

Whats App message : +2 012 7482 6814


Photos courtesy of our dear friend & customer Mr. Jano Couacaud ©






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Bedouin Carpets Products

Image Name Price  
48500 Series 48500 Series
Hand loomed  Bedouin kilim produced by Sinai Bedouin women in the valleys of North and Middle of Sinai peninsula i…
48440-1 48440-1
Hand made Carpet and kilim cushion covers.  Fillings not included. Variety of sizes available and also we are abl…
Bedouin Carpet model 48416-102 - 107 Bedouin Carpet model 48416-102 - 107
 Latest collection of Egyptian Bedouin carpets and kilim. Made from natural sheep and camel wool. Literally a pie…
48416-68 48416-68
 Bedouin carpet . Dimensions: 3.6 x1.9 meters Sold
48000 48000
 Bedouin carpets can be used in many ways. Nomad Gallery provides many Bedouin products that varies from Carpets , …
48416-82 48416-82
 This marvelous Bedouin kilim makes a great art tableau . Hand loomed by Bedouin family.…
48239 48239
Runners available in many colors. Sizes are approximate. Each individual carpet is diffirent. At time of purchase we sha…
48410-43 48410-43
 Special order - Bedouin rug - 250 x 95 Cm  
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