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Oriental Rugs

Egyptian Pure Wool Rugs

We sell top quality only .

The ancient Egyptians were pioneers in weaving textiles and Carpets. Egypt

location played an important role in spreading weaving techniques to other civilizations.

Ancient Egyptians used different types of yarn such as linen

 as early as 5000-6000 years ago. Wool was later introduced as life progressed.

Oriental rugs can transform and liven up rooms in your home. They add

coziness, color, warmth and pleasure. Egypt is one of the best producers 

of oriental carpets in the middle east although it is lesser known

in the world. Persian, Kazak, and Armenian styles are produced in

Egypt everyday and shipped out to may parts of the world.

In Nomad we can cater for most sizes, small or large.If you wish to

discuss your requirement in size and prefered colors, please contact us at :

Email         :  nomadgallery@live.com


WhatsApp : + 2 012 7482 6814




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