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KhayameyaTentmakers products

Khayameya ( Egypt Tentmakers ) products

Egyptian craft of tent making is still alive today. In Bab Zuwayla ( 10th Century) ,one of the oldest areas in Cairo - Khayameya St. or Charieh El Khayameya in Arabic . Khayyam means "tent" in Arabic. Here, in the Street of the Tentmakers, the ancient craft of making huge tent pavilions, out of appliquéd cloth patterns has been carried on for hundreds of years. In that area Nomad Gallery has its own 
makers producing Cushion covers , Wall hangings, bed covers, and unique tents to your specifications.You can choose the color combinations that you like and we will be happy to produce it for you . Our quality are higher than what a normal passing by individual can find there. Please note our minimum order value when ordering.

Due to the nature of the product and production by different Artisans as well as photographic tolerence , please allow slight variations in color and dimensions . 

Also please indicate your prefered color combination when ordereing .



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