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Egyptian Silk الحرير المصرى

  Egyptian silk scarves & Shawls.  الحرير المصرى 

 Stylish and sophisticated silk scarves are flexible to adapt to several positions

on the neck and the shoulders.Create a diverse look by wearing Nomad scarves.

Silk became more common in Egypt from the 4th century AD. 

Currently a few hundred  Egyptian families raise silkworms in different parts of rural

Egypt.Silk thread then taken from the cocoons and used in weaving Egyptian silk scarves for Nomad.

The experiment has been very rewarding and we count on our loyal customers

to create more income for the silk artisans and their families.

Historical Facts :

" On examing hair samples of mummies in the scanning electron microscope we found a piece of tissue between the curls which had the characteristic appearance of silk. To show that the specimen was silk, we performed infrared studies using multiple internal reflection, allowing nondestructive identification of the material. The spectra clearly identified silk. "  by G.Lubec, J. Holaubek, C. Feldl, B. Lubec, E. Strouhal


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Egyptian Silk الحرير المصرى Products

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Egyptian natural silk .  Hand made silk scarves . شيلان حرير طبيعى مصرى يدوى  Size : 50…
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