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  Hand loomed Akhmeem 100% Egyptian bed covers. أخميم من أقدم المدن المصريه التى تشتهر بصناعه النسيج منذ عهد القدماء المصريين

 Akhmim is significantly recognised for the weaving and tapestry industries. Weaving is probably the oldest industry in Ancient Egypt. Woven products from Akhmeem were made specifically for the royal palaces of the kings. also its reputation persisted to the Ptolomic generation.

 During Roman era Akmim was well known by its magnificent silk products  which were exported to many countries overseas.The dyes used were permanent dyes, specially the purple colour which was confined to emperors and kings . This was due to extracting purple from turnip juices .The reputation of Akmim in the field of weaving continued during the Islamic era and its products were exported to Roman and Byzantine empires.



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