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Bedouin purses-St. Catherine

 Beautifully embroidered and stylish purses of several sizes and functions by the Bedouin women

of St. Catherine holy area. Check the full range in different categories.

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Bedouin purses-St. Catherine Products

Image Name Price  
42083 42083
Bedouin beaded purse - Trendy and stylish The bedouin run social enterprise in Mount Sinai holy area produces beautiful…
42084-13 42084-13
 Beaded purse embroidered by Bedouin women from Sinai peninsula in Egypt. By simply buying these gorgeous products…
42085 42085
 Beaded carry bag . Embroidered by Saint Catherine women . Decorated with colorful beaded motifs from Mount Sinai.…
42084 42084
 Carry on beaded purse . Embroidered by traditional Saint Catherine , Mount Sinai motifs. Purse has 2 zippers and&n…
42084-7 42084-7
 Small purse embroidered by St Catherine Bedouin women in the spacious valleys of  Sinai in Egypt. By buying …
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