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Purses - St. Catherine

 Beautifully embroidered and stylish purses of several sizes and functions by skillful  Bedouin women

of St. Catherine سانت كاترين  valleys around the holy area. Check the full range in different categories.

Saint Catherine was part of the Egyptian Empire .

In the 16th century BC, the Egyptian Pharaohs built the way of Shur across Sinai to Beersheba and on to Jerusalem. The region provided the Egyptian Empire with turquoise, gold and copper, and well preserved ruins of mines and temples are found not far from Saint Catherine at Serabit El-Khadim and  Wadi Mukattab , the Valley of Inscription. They include temples from the 12th Dynasty, dedicated to Hathor, goddess of love, music and beauty, and from the New Kingdom dedicated to Sopdu, the god of the Eastern Desert. 

Credit to : Wikipedia for historical information.

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Purses - St. Catherine Products

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42083 42083
Bedouin beaded purse - Trendy and stylish The bedouin run social enterprise in Mount Sinai holy area produces beautiful…
42084-13 42084-13
 Beaded purse embroidered by Bedouin women from Sinai peninsula in Egypt. By simply buying these gorgeous products…
42085 42085
 Beaded carry bag . Embroidered by Saint Catherine women . Decorated with colorful beaded motifs from Mount Sinai.…
42084 42084
 Carry on beaded purse . Embroidered by traditional Saint Catherine , Mount Sinai motifs. Purse has 2 zippers and&n…
42084-7 42084-7
 Small purse embroidered by St Catherine Bedouin women in the spacious valleys of  Sinai in Egypt. By buying …
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